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Pool Table FAQ

How much room space do I need for a pool table?
The ideal room space for a table, no matter what size table, would be to have five feet of clearance on each side of the table. The reason for this is that a pool cue is just under five feet long. Combine that with the width of the rail, and five feet is proper clearance for play. If you have a tight spot or not exactly five feet of clearance, we have shorter length cues just for such situations.

How should I keep my table clean?
Dust the rails and the cabinetry of your table frequently.
- For wooden surfaces we recommend using either lemon oil or a good quality
furniture polish or wax. Always follow the product manufacturer’s directions.
- For synthetic surfaces, such as Formica® or laminate surfaces, we suggest
using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.
- Never use glass cleaner on wooden surfaces! The ammonia could cause a chemical reaction with the wood’s finish.

How do I care for my cloth?
- Brush your cloth as often as possible. New cloth takes time to “break-in” and can take a few months to do so. During this time, and afterwards, brush the cloth as
often as possible. You can never brush the cloth too often.
- If you vacuum your cloth, make sure to use the upholstery end and go over your cloth lightly. Do not use a vacuum with rotating brushes, this is too hard on your cloth.
- Periodically we also recommend using a “damp” (not wet) lint free towel to wipe down the cloth. Hot water only, no cleaners.

Can I move my table myself?
We highly recommend that you do “not” move it on your own. When the table is installed, it is leveled in that particular spot. Improper moving can not only result in the table becoming un-level or shifting of the slate seems, but it may also cause damage to the rails, rail panels or even the frame of your table. If the table must be moved give us a call and we will arrange to have one of our highly qualified technicians move it for you.

Is it harmful to sit on a pool table?
We suggest that you never sit on your table or any other pool table. Not only do you run the risk of throwing the table out of level but you could also scratch the finish
of your rails or even cause the rubber to separate from the rails. If you are looking for a place to sit, there must be other seats available in your room. If not, come in and visit our retail store and we can help you with seating too.

Can I use my pool table as workspace?
It is ill advised to use your pool table for anything else besides playing pool. We suggest that when your table in not in use, you cover it with a pool table cover. This will keep dust off your table and if there is any direct sunlight in the room it will also keep the pockets and felt from possibly fading. And you should be able to find another place to fold your laundry.

Why buy your table from The Billiard Shop ?
- We have a large selection of models to choose from and one to fit anyone’s budget.
- We have several custom options available, most often at no extra cost.
- All of our tabletops are 1" thick slate, renowned for superior quality and playability. It is precision ground to within 10/1000 of an inch to provide a perfectly level playing surface.
- Our slates are screwed to the frame to insure they will not move or shift. This also adds strength to the table.
- Our standard cloth is by Championship and is a 20 - 22oz cloth with superior quality wool and nylon blend (75% wool and 25% nylon). It is long lasting and available in 30 decorator colors.
- The rapid rail cushions are natural gum rubber, ensuring long life and true rebound.
- All of our Palason Billiard pool tables, and most Legacy Billiard pool tables come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
- The Price of our tables includes a FREE accessory kit (4 cues, bridge stick, cue rack, set of pool balls, triangle, diamond, table brush, vinyl cover and chalk).
- FREE delivery and FREE installation within Halifax HRM on all regular priced or sale priced pool tables. A small fee may be charged for table outside this area. (Contact us for shipping and installation outside the Halifax HRM area.)
- We have our own qualified pool table technicians on staff for installations and service work. We care about how your table is set-up and serviced.