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Our Services

The Billiards Shop's cue repair center offers complete cue care and lathe services for your cue. Everything from shaft cleaning, weight changes, re-tips, re-ferrules and re-wraps. Come in and see one of our qualified lathe technicians for all your cue care needs.

We offer a wide selection of cue tips to choose from. Whether you are looking for soft or hard tips, or maybe even layered tips, we have what you are looking for.

Lathe Services

Tip Installation

Elkmaster: $9.95
French LePro: $9.95
Triangle: $9.95
Sumo: $14.95
Stingray (Laminated): $20.00
Sniper (Laminated): $25.00
Tiger Everest(Laminated): $30.00
Moori (Laminated): $35.00
Kamui (Laminated): $35.00
Kamui Black (Laminated): $40.00

Ferrule Installation

Economy ferrules: $20.00
Performance ferrules: from $30.00

Rubber Bumper

Economy bumper: $5.00
Performance bumpers: from $10.00

Shaft Cleaning

from $9.95

Shaft Tapering

from $20.00

Irish Linen Wrap


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